What is BHV?

BHV is an organisation that aims to promote the social, political, economic and educational interests of Hindus & Jains through lobbying relevant statutory and non statutory Agencies. The objective is to ensure that the Voice of the Hindus & Jains is heard in the corridors of power and that their views are taken into consideration during policy making decisions and where resources are allocated for the benefit of the Communities.

Why is there a need for BHV?

There is lot of talk and hype around community cohesiveness, diversity, equality, fair treatment, effective representation in political parties etc. There are many multi agency groups set up to promote these agendas. However a significant number of Hindus and Jains feel that so far Hindus and Jains have not benefited and that their voice and representation at such bodies could be improved and better outcomes achieved. BHV will promote Hindu and Jain interests with positive outcomes as an objective.

Who manages BHV?

A number of people, from diverse areas of work and professions, have come together to form BHV which is a lobbying/pressure group. BHV does not claim to represent the views of all Hindus and Jains. No group, in any area of work, can claim to represent the views of their entire community or membership. BHV, however, through its extensive connections and networking is aware of the common issues facing the Hindu and Jain communities. This dedicated small group of people manage BHV.

BHV undertakes many projects and currently we are engaged fully with the issues of Caste and the current events in Kashmir.